Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best way to start a new year (:

Go mingles cafe for free flow icecream , as in buffet..
Go sentosa for the luge and the cable thingie that gets your leg hanging in the air.

i dunnoe whad happened to other pictures.

  1. prepare icewine.

  2. DO retarded poses.

  3. Loook tipsayyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee.

  4. ask , friends?

  5. yes, vodka pear. Game :D



i'm totally worried after seeing all my friends' results, it aint exactly pleasant.
& , sihui princess, you did well alr. dont worry too much. iheartsyou. your tears aggrieved my heart.

F&n pratical ; extremely hilarious.
MDM ng told us to let the dough rest. like less then 5 minutes, she told us to roll the dough and POKE the dough. and when she say rest, she sounded like let it REST. let it rest then POKE IT.

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