Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dry that up ,
all of that.
No more whines ,
no more sobs.

Refraining to think,
Refraining to miss.
It's foul air.
You are stuck like glue, on my mind.
The throe of agony,
is really bad.

Dry those tears,

You burnt me.
literally not.
you got it vacant ,
like how deleterious a volcano can be.
It strains much. and i really mean it.

memories are killer.
It explains how silence murder.
words to be mum in heart,
causing pricks and pierces.
As friends ,i'm glad.
As silence , tears.
As conversations , i had never made known .
Letting it rest as possible.
spot, shut.

Grey casts, the surge for you.

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