Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dance hq all
Those lights shone.
The familiar faces down there.
You clearly know that they were cheering for you.
You know who are the ones.
You'll feel touched , trust me.
P1030112 copy
Thanks Rytefully 14 for making all this happen.
Without you girls, there'ld not be a platform.
We all did well! wheets.
Thanks next team crew who joined in this performance.
You guys did so awesome that yo mama shake her ass!

Thanks Pandora's Gallow.
Even at times i had to leave for my dance, you guys managed to clinch a bond among.

There's still so much i want to say, bout nuff said.
My eyelids are shutting.

Pandora's Gallow.
me pg
Thanks hongquan and corrine for the following vids.

Rytefully 14 and next team crew.
Dance hq me1
Yes, in green.

Dance hq split copy

a closer one and a further one:)

And yes! i saw the board! And i heard people shouted crosses
Thanks AE. Blue roses are as nice as black ones.

Thanks people who had encouraged me, Cheered for us, waved your hands together. I know who you are:)P1030112 me

Revive that moment.

If you would like to comment, please do so. Just think b4 you act. Stop allowing your mental status reflects on you.

Thanks for those kind words sweethearts, love.

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