Friday, November 14, 2008

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oh yea! Back to blog.

shout hip hip hurray!


(omg, i look so so so cute. So xmm-ish ) hahahah!

Went Gotham penthouse yesterday.
Loved my accompanies ( okay, i know this is like a lousy word to use)
I freaking cant stand the trance , techno!
The music wasnt good.
So, dint really dance much yesterday.
Thanks dodo aka bean aka shuang! ha^
photo credits: Aneroxic emo.

Partying with you is fun!

BUT, BUT, you know what?
I dint see my sweetloves!
Like :



Joleen . MIN!

I miss you girls so!!
Anw, the pics w fioan and alicia were taken ard a year back. haha.

I was trying out different styles:

I think this casual outfit was not bad leh.

And there's chio chio Marilyn monroe on it okay! (:

Went someone's wedding with lewis and daddy.

So, what style do i suit more?
Comments most welcome!

And a little crazy:


HSM movie marathon w Axes :



screw your head.

oh man , i've got no time to reply th tags.
Continue tagging & check out for updates alright.

MISS ME, and i'll miss alot of people.
aww, hugs.

it'slike 15th nov, 2:56am .
and i haven pack , haven change my money.

Jolene Crosses.

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