Saturday, April 11, 2009

4D`08 outing ♥

Thanks to all whom turned up and made this outing possible!
To those who couldnt make it, we'll see you the next outing okay!

-Talked bout recent lives & blah.
Those pple whom i really can say my utmost feelings.

CisFran Claire, Send me the group pictures!

F the rain flies man. seriously there weer like 10 more plates or what.
We all wriggled as we tried eating our food.
They used mayo to catch the flies anw.

Yey, Potluck! Great food! Great effort! :D

GLUTTON, i know.

Some crazy forfeits, there are more. (claire, i want pics!)
They were singing cchy song in like the park, DAMN LOUDLY.
Good job!


HAHA. Anyhow limbo rock.

There were more peps luh.

it's was so amazing!
& should be due to post camp syndromes, haha , we were all like quite high.

Too much to blog blog about. will update quality post soon!
Stay tuned!

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