Tuesday, October 02, 2012


For alot who have been concerned of what exactly am I doing right now,
I am actually Freelancing dance, in the case of teaching and performing paid shows.


SAM_1407 The money is not exactly alot, but it’s do-able for now.
And I really like teaching dance, because as I teach, I feel that I learn alot, really.
But of course, I have alot more to learn and improve.
And thanks to people around me, who made my ‘goal’ as a dance instructor, half fulfilled.

Thanks. I dont know about others, but so far, dancers whom I have worked with, we are always giving our 100% to teach or to perform for clients.
But sometimes, some people dont appreciate and regard our talent and hardwork and it’s pretty sad.
Well, not mentioning names or so.


As for a design job,
I dont exactly know what should I do next. Study, or work or what. Hmm.

Any good advices?

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