Thursday, March 29, 2007

ii miss him.

those wordds did hurt.
it's aching ; right down there.
get a hold of my ribcage andd reach for it.
open it.
find my heart.
it's bleeding.
did hurt alot.
notice the wounds and cuts.
pierced with thousand rusted nail.
pin it on a nail bed.
add sodium on it and rub.
till it bleed till the last drop.
squeeze it.
make it dry.
tan it under the sun.
for a golden crisp.
dried up.
eat it.
it taste , bitter , sour.
texture : rough.(full of cuts)

it's aching.
hard in there.
it's crying,
much in there.
swallowing down my sorrows down in there.
it feel bloated.
supressing my tears.
replacing it with blood.
let it drip till it dries.
clot up.
hang on.
dead ,
and halfway gone.
search for the other part.

since it had alr hurt so much.
ii dun mind the pain.
just for u.
ii dun mind the words , from people's tongue.

ii fell in the well.
cos ii see the reflection of uurs behind mine.
just to search.


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