Friday, April 04, 2008



It doesnt pay to be kind , sometimes.

Sheryl and me , step up 2.

Series of unfortunate events, piling.

Yo mama got it doubled,
yo got it blurred.
Pimp`o a lil muffled.
clean arse off yo.

Stop stealing lucky momma away from me!
Stop stirring this shit stuffs up for me.
I dont even want a single bacteria of it!
I lost calculator , got into fight , phone in food bin , lost thumbdrive. And loss werent even by me. You get paid shit by being kind. And, what's more, i'm the one who is like hell yo receiving pressure from my family.
What could be worse?
oh yae, and a whole daily-series of being sickly jo in the house.

Take this as complaining, lamenting.
But i'm just voicing.

Bubble popped.

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