Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I love Prince C. Thanks for all th encouragement and concern you provided. Thanks.



the only mini prank i played is on eugene , i told him i quitted school.
And he was like pretty convinced. LAUGHS.

well , i guess i missed out a whole chunk of fun in school.

I had gladly not attend much lesson last week and i dint go school for the past few days.
Feels like longer than th short march holidays.
I recieved three extremely odd and random confessions. It's APRIL's FOOL! i hoped.

I dint skip school for no reason anyways ,
the doctor gave me two days of mc when i dint even have fever
But it was flu and SEVERE blocknose.

So i stayed at home. Camped with 棒棒堂whole day.
FEAST on the wholesome of medicine.
Equipped with boxes of tissues and rolls of toilet paper.
Slept with odd. Cant rest well.

I edited this for danny as he requested. Credits to me can! [:

Me with Jawsist , on th way to spop.

okays, a random pic of us.

main aim , Jam xiao.
tickets credits to diya.

He was singing my favorite song.

JAM! i wasnt as crazy but was influenced by my jawsist.

This is a video that we've recorded. Pardon for th extreme blurness .
But use your heart to listen . Jam CAN SING.


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