Sunday, March 30, 2008

I may not be friendly.

Hello people!
Sorry for disappearing for quite awhile.
Hadn't come online for long , up with school work and many stuffs that were sorta , uncalled for.

Firstly ,
I would like to make a THANKFUL statement to all.

All who tried to help , all who showed care and concern.
Thanks for all the moral support . And really, I'm glad and grateful to all.


Thanks people in 4D`08.
Thanks for understanding and not probing much .

Thanks for all th possible care and love.

Thanks sisters , Brothers . Thanks Friends.

Next, Apologies to those that worried for me.
I know that i had made you people worried.
I'm really touched.

Frustrations gets me emotional . Thanks for holding me together when i almost crash.


Family bonds , perhaps is th strongest love.

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