Friday, December 12, 2008


I know you want it too!

Yes, suntan almost everyday!

And be as roasted as i was.
I dint apply a single splash of cosmetic! Was the after effect of sun!

Wanting winter is not like something that we can request for .
maybe partly is because of my presence.
haha, just joking. Dont choke on your food.

Taiwan has got summer and winter.
People there can become fair much easier than us ):

I'm still like damn tan even though i've stopped sun bathing for ard a year.

&& Winter is like the damn season that everyone can dress friggin` pretty!
Like Fur coats , scarfs , BOOTS , legging ,and moreeee. YUMMY.

Pink leopard prints!

Legging and thick sweater.

Superb Thick Fluffy hoodie,boots & Flying hair!

Well, let's all just bear with the Vibrant and Cosy sun here in SG!

Make Up Reminder!
Oh ya, just a little make up reminder.
hmm, Apply make up base or primer to prep your skin.
It helps to place emphasis on the T zone and cheek area.
They can help to hold make up longerin the humid weather and definitely improve the appearance of dry/flaky skin.
It does make a diff (:

There are alot of different types and colours.
with sparkles to highlight .
Common colours should be white , green , yellow , pink.
White and green hues are reccomended for fair people.
I like them with sparkles ^

went for photoshoot with prack. Pretty though it's not a flattering shot for me:)
You should read more Straits Times okay ^

YES. let's all say Jingle bell , lalala .
A grey/black christmass will suit me more??

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