Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Alrights, I'm currently using this now.

WITHOUT my pictures , nice music and blahs.

I shall get on with life and blog about the recent me.

I've been a

:Extreme slacko.
:Jobless asshole.
:Pathetic blogger.
:Peniless lady.
Anymore of this list, you bet so.

Sheryl ^^ she's the only one beside crystal whom i've met after my tw trip.
And YEY, tmr meeting quelic prack @ Claire's! Superb excited.

All about Me time
I'm totally looking forward to my bs, Prince C.
I'm starting to miss 4D`08 badly. and esp , a few selective girlfriends! ):

I met Nutnad today and she's really pretty in real life.
I'm going to reply tags starting from tmr.
dont worry, i do read every single tags and comments^

Heart grows minimal,
Let alone the heart beat stop.
That looks electrifies me, not on purpose.
For her, it was otherwise.
Those of hers, managed too.
I couldnt utter a word,
when i was asked ,'What's so gd bout him'
You were merely a stranger,
Whom i claimed to loved.
chummy, no.
I just plunged and immersed into the soul of yours.
you dint feel.
Reluctantly i was forced out.
Slammed dorrs . Crashed windows.
Deploreness surges as i'm no friend of yours.
Your language may be written in lies,
I heard it as nice.
You were part of awe,
Whom blinded out my appearance.

You never know that your bliss was someone's misery .
If you had known, would you still?

I bet you would.

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