Monday, January 19, 2009

My nose is still VERY BlOCKED.

There is some prob w CBOX right?
If there's a need , you may drop a
mail :)

Suddenly, the worm in me is urging me to blog.

10 Jan @ Open houses (POLY)

Brazil dance . idk how to spell. pretty interesting :)

NYP. Every guy's sweetheart , Felicia Chin.

Japanese Anime club @ Nyp.

Went Sumo house @ Amk.

Ruting and Crystal ordered this.

BBQ sauce with fried chicken cutlet.

Served w fried rice.
They did not like the sauce but i find the rice quite tasty.

Every set meal comes w side dishes.

& fav Miso soup. Not too bad, best when it's hot.

My kawaii RICE!

Tempura Set


Complimentary chicken because we're STUDENTS!
& yae, sumo house is really cheap & they serve a good portion of food.
but the food can be improvised. Do try out :)

The Future ting dear. haha.

Crosses. Ruting Tai. Yoketing tai . Crystal.

Buaizxzxz love.

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