Saturday, January 24, 2009

Omg, i never felt that agonised for such a long while alr.
You like demure china lady, so be it.
Though i dont hate you . ROAR.

For Chinese new year
You can do your makeup like this :

1 : Cleanse.

Blend White glittery make up base to be applied around T zone area and cheeks.

A flipped over triangle on cheeks.

Apply liquid foundation around your features.

I'm currently using Laneige make up base and Artistry foundation.

Usually I'll use two way cake foundation (those powder"ones) to apply a thin layer over my liquid one.
you can use loose powder , or moist your sponge and dab/mist your face.

Draw a thin line of eyeliner , near to lash line.
You can either use a pencil one to create a soft kohl look
a gel or liquid one for a longer lasting.

I am using a Bourjois liquid eyeliner.

Draw your eye brows.
Pardon me for brows, idk how to.

Apply glue on falsies.
you can skip this part , and just apply some good mascara if you dont own flasies.
You can get them @ bugis village, cheap!

While waiting for the glue on the lash to become partially dried,
You can apply some lip gloss/colour/balm.
Using lip balm here.

okay, now, stick your falsies on.

Get the blusher, brush it on the cheek bone.
The part when you smile..

Drag it upwards towards the temper.

Smile again and apply it on your cheekbone.
(in circle)

I tried to rush this post b4 Cny and hope it benefits you readers.

My hair looks brown~

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