Thursday, February 05, 2009

Chingay w Crystal!
Thanks to her handsome(according to RuTing) bro :)

we're party pple!

This is like only 5% of the ppl in the queue.

Btw, the organisation is pretty screwed.
I think most of the ppl got lost before they get to this crazily crowded scene.


Yey, Sweetest lovely.

I love fireworks.

It dies off when it's at its most amazing moment.
Glory before its death.
Life's just like that.

Stick Butterfly!

Jellyfish or mushroom?

Spot poh kang, Songrong, Wei dong & zhijie.
Reminds me of Pie Kia.



Chingay was awesome, esp w lovely!

Went to watch Bride Wars w Ivan

His nails were like much prettier than mine!
Like not fair! ha.

Bride Wars remind me quite abit regarding the past.
Having a good friend.
Having one that I claimed that she was true.

I want LogHead,LuckyHead,LongHare or whatever...

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