Monday, February 02, 2009

READ ON Sweets!
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I always tell pple i'm fine,
Sometimes i'm not.

Everyone shouts : WE LOVE STEAMBOAT!

And my table! So neat ! hmmm.

New bedsheet.

The one i love most.

Cousin Dion.
He said he wants to go Vjc den i'm like oh man , JC again.


I tried curling and styling my hair like 丫头~
I love my look for that day. ha.

& wine are not to be spared!

It decieves.

Reflects upon..



Sleep. Sweet. Rest.

I look very tanned here because of the lighting!

Hooray to all those who started school today, gambatte.
will blog about the other few days of cny too!
too many pics.oops.

Does it takes alot to tell th one you fancy to go for someone else?

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