Saturday, February 07, 2009

Screw Valentines' day.

I just realised that i'd been single during all the 14th feb period.
Oh joy..

14 feb , X Japan having their WORLD TOUR @ TAIWAN!

Gosh, i LOVE taiwan.
Sg seems like they wont have any Jrock concert here ever.

And sg has also got CONCERTS!
yey, who who?

Omg, -faints-
Sorry if you love her like you love your mum, i'm not a fan of hers.

yey! at least a better one for those who are bored on this "OMFG SPECIAL" date.
But the tix were like sold out a month ago or so.

Sg & Taiwan , What a great diff man .

LoveHate for valentine would be perfect.

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