Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Start of Fabulousity.

Aloha! Fabulousity awaits you:)

Bernard was like quite random.
Suddenly to have this make up session .


Girls, melt now :)

Bernard did make up for us three. Pretty aint it.

Working towards beauty!
Oh yae, and i dint put a single bit of make up in front of him.

Camera casted a shadow on my face.
But look at the make up^

Thanks Bernard.

New look :)

How's it? Comments welcomed!

Jessist's Recognition.

If you ever understand.

Jess on stage.
Crystalism :)

Casual . Play w different textures.

Bambambip or bimbimbap!

Yae, we're actually very normal...

Bimbo men!

Edited using my phone, C902.
Idk why, but we tot that it's hilarious!

We totally laughed our ass off!


you can never squeeze less insanity.

Quite tiring too.

LOVE. Chu.

A sad thief.
Who failed.

Digging nose is encouraged!

Steal your heart. hehe.

Kun & Crystal.
Anw, No luh! She is not like 190cm!

okay, actually we went down to show some support Ethe'real aka Yi Shi Jie.
Those performance pics are still w Crystal.
yea, heard that they're gonna release their own album .
Show some love yea!


Damn cute.
This blonde thing is a must for all hotties!

\m/ Miya.
Maybe we should put on some blondies too.

Shing Sian.

This light stuff is like stars joining tgt or something.
Using a starry night mode.

Met up w the GENIUS , AE!

Eileen :)

Bye for now.

Yey, let my tastebuds swim in a choc pool! :)

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