Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ah Siao nights out.

Emotions, and emotions. All in them eyes.

This is all in a day. ONE DAY.

Crystal's 17th!
I had such a tough time celebrating it w her myself! :)
Treated her to fish and co:
And all these while, i was hiding a cake from her!
And i lied that it's my working shoes!

Let the pictures talk :)
This is super shatterable!

Yes, We Extreme Camwhore!
and this is our secret hangout!
Without swine, CHUARUTING!

I'm so gonna bring Martin here next time when he's back.
and a place that Timcus keep recommending.
hee hee .

Time check : 11:35
Whipped out the cake ,
Dint even lit a candle .
Dint even have a bite of it.
Take picture and literally runnnnn to train!
Hope you enjoy that day, lovely :)

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