Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recalling Moments.

A trip to the zoo!

Haven been to zoo since i was like primary two?
like 9 years ago!
I know sua goo la okay.
And it really change damn alot!

I still remember myself in short spikey hair , holding my daddy's hands.
And there was this place fullllllllll of balls and a slide.

This time round,
I went with someone, different and special.

The prices.

Tickets and map! :)

Casual and nice!
The direction thingy is so creative !
Eat Tiger Eat.

We're gonna walk this till , we see an end.

Mine always look elsewhere!

Hello lil giraffe :)
And i will be your lil giraffe. hahahaha.
Damn cute! but intimidating.
Zoo keepers are BAD photographers.
I'm strong!
The sun was so hot that any human sense would want to run in there!
We were a lil smarter, GET BEN AND JERRYS!
I think we look a lil alike..

Omg. fucking hideous.
Very sorry but i was damn happy to touch the furry rabbit!
We look like twins.
Martin says this is keiths.
Two of those that we fed :)
$2/$5 to get a tub of long beans and carrots.
Leopard cat!!!!
Badlove promised that he's gonna get one for me!
One of my favorite visits also! The other one sorta turned green.
Pity them in the uber hot weather.

AIYO. unglam !!

Havoc Peacock!

Just a random note :
To this guy here,
Martin Shing, I had never felt this way for any guys before.
I'm one whose feelings wavers alot. I'm still feeling strong towards you ^^
and, to readers,
If you noticed, M is the only one that i blogged frequently about and he's my longest for now!
Previously, it was only 2 months! (LOL)

Today , is the first day, i am really going through those photos that we took.
Tough tears.
I'll be waiting , no matter how hard this is gonna be.
Good luck for your test for college , so you can be back on my 18th.

Reading Xia Xue and Mike's story,
It is seriously , motivating.
Marsh, we are gonna do it :)

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