Friday, May 09, 2008

Charlie , Candy mountain.
Girls, here you go.
Anws, i knew this from jason. haha.


just laugh truckloads.

omg, i'm addicted to xiaxue's blog and videos. Shit.
She criticises so godamn load. But well, she rocks damn.
She slims down so much and if you were to read her archives, she just looked like a china girl with Cmi make up, no waist,no image , just fugly to the xiaxue NOW , who apparently is slim, superpro in makeup, and looks a lil Eurasian. Does owning an angmoh boyfriend helps in the eurasian-looking? (:

oh ya , anws, i cant stand people who actually refresh their blog just to increase the blog statics. how no life? And , the worst ego is to make your blog your homepage. So, you'll get one more 'visitor' which is the pathetic , YOURSELF. Well , some people must be thinking if these people do exists , and why the hell they do that. It is to show and to wow' readers . This will eventually lead to people's idea of blogceleb. oh yea.
if you have any opinions,you may leave a tag. but make sure you're leaving soemthing sensible and dont attact me personally, cause you're be wasting your own time and mine.
///or you actually feel hurt cos you're one of the egolosers , reflect a lil , sit down and think:)

Sorry for so much words. still, words with photos are pretty isnt it?

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