Sunday, May 04, 2008

I miss frankie , as a friend luh.
my sist showed me a picture and he was the guy that she had wanted to show me. Like omg.

Read on

Dear Lucky Winner, We are pleased to inform you of the result of the
justconcluded annual final draws of UNITED KINGDOM NATIONALPROGRAM.
international programs.
After this automatedcomputer ballot, your e-mail
address emerged as one of
twowinners in the category \"A\"
You are
therefore been approveto claim the sum of ?,000,000 (One Million
Sterling)with the information below: REFERENCE NUMBER:UK/839030X2/14BATCH
NUMBER:065/088/XY24 Claim Agent Name:Mr. Wilson CharlesE-mail: Tel1:+447045700649Tel1:+447031914421

REPLY TO:Mrs. Caroline Bryan.Contact Our Agent With This Official

I recieved this mail just now and i was so hyped up . I am gonna be a millionaire! like almost instanly . Yippees! & i dint even fucking know that i had joined this mini contest or whadsoever. YEYEYS. FREE LUNCH , let's all grab.

Laughoutlouds. Obviously that this mail is like SCAM can. wonder why there are still people believing who in the end got killed or lost like all their life-savings. Wise up.

But , mail scammers are better than people who feign .
Heart-scam is murderous. At least the mail scam you eventually know it's a scam, but in the human world , you got faked and you prolly wouldnt know.

And , for those people whho were really concerned bout my ankle , here it is.

left: normal ankle, right: the bad one.

The swollen one is pretty obvious eh. Can see that my feet are very blistered , caused by a cheapo heel from bugis. Grind teeth.

Just ransomly saw this pic from last year street fest. Seraph.
Miss them many.

This pic is also to beautify the whole post. Well , let's fly!

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